Born 2 Ride

Born 2 Ride

The app has been created for the love of the off-road motor sports. It is specifically useful for quad bikes, motocross motorcycles and 4x4 off-road cars passionates. It allows its user discover new places and routes, and share the information with their friends creating a community focused on a shared passion. The app utilizes up-to-date solutions, e.g. a built-in messenger for direct contact, a possibility to share your own current localization and record the route of travel. The mobile app also allows to save your favourite routes, create groups, and events. The app is developed for users that utilize the Android system.

As part of the project we had our hands on:

Analysis of requirements and technical design

UX & UI project

Graphical design

Android mobile app

Administrator panel (CMS)


SLA technical support


Modules used in the app


Moduł treści


Moduł wydarzenia


Moduł galeria zdjęć

Assessments and comments

Moduł oceny i komentarze

Users’ accounts

Moduł konta użytkowników


Moduł lokalizacje

PUSH notifications

Moduł powiadomienia PUSH

Social media

Moduł media społecznościowe


Moduł płatności

Request for quotation

Information about the offer and cooperation, requests for quotation, programmers outsourcing:

Krzysztof Gromadzki

New Busines Manager Analityk

Information about the offer and cooperation, requests for quotation:

Michał Wojewoda